Telehealth Van

TeleHealth Van is the first-ever vehicle transporting a device with an internet connection that allows healthcare workers to communicate with patients. Doctors can talk with patients via teleconference and video-conference. With this remote-care solution, the doctor and patients can talk and discuss the medical solutions they need. TeleHealth Van provides the service all over Los Angeles.

What is a TeleHealth van?

TeleHealth Van is a fully-equipped vehicle where doctors and patients can talk via teleconference and video-conference. These involve health-related services, including medical care, health information services, and self-care via telecommunication and digital communication technologies. This also can involve live teleconferencing between groups of healthcare workers and multiple patients.

TeleHealth Van Features:

1.Large monitor enables communication between doctors and patients.

2.Private tele-meeting, with no driver or attendant during the interview.

3.Van is a 100% sanitized area, safe and secure with CDC standards.

4.Comfortable room for 4 patients to meet doctors at the same time.


6.200 Video Games.

7.File Cabinet.

Why TeleHealth Van?

In the digital environment, we can access the entire world via mobile due to technological developments. However, recently, we have also become more susceptible to new diseases, such as COVID-19. Although we can’t control the spread of diseases, we can avoid it by bringing simple solutions.
TeleHealth Van is one of the ways to avoid meeting the doctors in the hospital. We can talk with the doctors directly via teleconference or video-conference. The vans are capable of video and audio technologies, digital photography, and emote patient monitoring (RPM) by sitting comfortably in a van.


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