Telehealth Van Transportation

Telehealth van technologies are helping provide access to healthcare disparity gaps among the core American population. The most population and development countries’ telehealth van is the biggest invention to equal healthcare access.

While telehealth medicine cannot solve the greater issue of healthcare delivery in this country. Telehealth is providing to be one of the methods of equalizing the disparities in access to care among underserved or vulnerable populations. Here we explore some of the key barriers to healthcare access in the US and how telemedicine can help.

How Telehealth can help?

Telehealth van comes to your home. The telehealth van transportation disparity gap by delivering virtual healthcare services directly to the patient. At home, work, and school telemedicine digital services. Telehealth is not just a simple means of talking to Doctors over the phone via Skype, Whatsapp. Virtual consultation with a doctor should be a secure and private conversation, Telehealth ensures the security is not breached.

Telehealth, keeping you and your family safe from COVID-19:

We will keep you and your family throughout this pandemic, take the right precautions, and utilize the doctors’ on-demand telehealth van services to avoid the risk of going out. Staying healthy from the comfort of your own home is a top priority for everyone now. With telehealth, patients can fix their online consultation with Los Angeles registered Doctors.

TeleHealth meeting:

The telehealth meeting patient and doctors host secure face to face appointments to make sure clients get the attention they need.

What a telehealth van will have?.

  • 1. 2020 IPAD/Monitor: 12.9inch (HIPAA Compliant ready)
  • 2. Private Tele-Meeting (no driver in the vehicle during the interview)
  • 3. 100% Sanitized Area (CDC standards after each interview)
  • 4. Printer
  • 5. Seating for 1-4
  • 6. 200 Video Games
  • 7. Locked/Secure
  • 8. File Cabinet
  • 9. Adult & Children Headphones


  • Medical online
  • Online clinic
  • TeleHealth meeting
  • Doctor online
  • Caseworker online