TeleHealth Van

We drive to your clients...
They step inside and meet you virtually.

The Founder & CEO, Dion Rambo

Los Angeles knows Mr. Rambo very well. Coordinating the Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2500
attendees ‘Small Business Summit’ for 5 years, Board of Public Works’ Accessing LA series for
6 years, LA County Women’s Leadership Conferences, the Department of Children and Family Services’ Foster Together Network Conference to launching his very own Building LA Today, now called LA Contracts, which helps, educate and qualify minority small business owners about local contract opportunities by producing and making available over 1,000 short form explainer videos… his reputation and resources are far reaching within Los Angeles.

One - Year Anniversary

One - Year Anniversary

TeleHealth Van is the first and only virtual meeting service that operates a fleet of customized, 5G-enabled vans that drive into low income and homeless communities, allowing families to step in side and meet with their doctors, therapists, and case workers…virtually – never leaving where they live.

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Low Income And Homeless L.A. County - Based
Virtual Meetings

Our mentors and advocates believe in us.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Welcomed the TeleHealth Van team to his personal home, where they
shared their personal missions, obstacles, and encouragement.
Congratulating and offering City resources to their mission.

Walmart Awards Dion Rambo

Walmart and Madison Square Garden honored Dion Rambo’s Rambo House firm for
business of year. This ‘Playmaker’ award was one of a kind in Los Angeles.

“We Drive to Where Your Clients Live.”

“We Drive to Where Your Clients Live.”

First-Of-Its-Kind to physically transport internet-connected telecommunications, teleconferencing, and video-conferencing devices and services/computer applications

“Rambo with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussing the TeleHealth Vans’ instant success in L.A.

Our Mission Is to provide all families access to a remote care solution that allows healthcare providers, social services, and other organizations reach the people they serve anywhere.

Owners and Partners

Dion Rambo (Founder and Co-Owner)

Keenon “YG” Jackson (Co-Owner)

5,000 +

Your TeleHealth Vans are ready!

It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

Reduce no shows & Cancellationsv

To Reduce no shows & cancellations, the professional, and bi-lingual, TeleHealth Van team offers your clients incentives like $25 Grocery Store Cards for every 5 virtual meetings with you, and other goodies. Also, our staff pre-calls your clients 24 hours before their schedule to remind them about their ‘next day’ appointment. Then, a final call 20 minutes before meeting as a final ‘see you soon’ reminder. All for no extra charge. Our goal is to work with your agency or program in helping your clients stay mentally or physically healthy.

Support Your Client's Face-to-Face Needs

The TeleHealth Van’s team support your clients’ Face-to-Face needs by giving them the privacy and space they require for your confidential virtual meeting. With a 20+ size screen

An Agency, Clinic, Professionals Partner

For Agencies, Clinics, Professionals, and other areas of health and check-in support, the TeleHealth Van was created to be the bridge to increase your client’s meeting rate. The TeleHealth Van works with local donors and resources to assist you in maintaining your clients’ attention. And together, our community will become stronger.

Private & Safe Meeting w/ 5g technology

The entire TeleHealth Van is equipped with 5G technology in a surround sound atmosphere. Your client will be safe with quality audio and picture quality to ensure a meaningful private virtual meeting.