TeleHealth Van

Our 5G-enabled vans drive to your clients' location, providing a virtual meeting space with licensed therapists for mental health support.

The Founder & CEO, Dion Rambo

Dion Rambo is a recognized leader in the fields of mental health and community outreach. For nearly 20 years, he has provided mental health support to underserved communities throughout LA County and the United States, and has been instrumental in creating valuable preventative services for current clients through his work with Rambo House, a 20-year community & public relations firm.

Dion is also the current Entrepreneur-In-Residence for the Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass office of creative innovative programs, where he organizes renowned monthly Building LA Today and Contract Ready LA events, providing valuable contract information to nearly 1,000 small business owners for free. In addition, Dion is an elected LA County Commissioner by the Los Angeles County’s Chief Executive’s Office. With his extensive experience in mental health, community outreach, and entrepreneurship, Dion is committed to reducing barriers to care and empowering individuals and small business owners to succeed.

Two - Year Anniversary

One - Year Anniversary

For over three years, TeleHealth Van has been providing virtual mental health support and other preventative services through our 5G-enabled vans. Our customized vans drive into low-income and homeless communities, bringing licensed therapists and LCSWs to support individuals’ mental health needs.
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Our mentors and advocates believe in us.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Welcomed the TeleHealth Van team to his personal home, where they
shared their personal missions, obstacles, and encouragement.
Congratulating and offering City resources to their mission.

Walmart Awards Dion Rambo

Walmart and Madison Square Garden honored Dion Rambo’s Rambo House firm for
business of year. This ‘Playmaker’ award was one of a kind in Los Angeles.

“We Drive to Where Your Clients Live.”

“We Drive to Where Your Clients Live.”

First-Of-Its-Kind to physically transport internet-connected telecommunications, teleconferencing, and video-conferencing devices and services/computer applications

“Rambo with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussing the TeleHealth Vans’ instant success in L.A.

Our Mission Is to provide all families access to a remote care solution that allows healthcare providers, social services, and other organizations reach the people they serve anywhere.

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Owners and Partners

Dion Rambo (Founder and Co-Owner)

Keenon “YG” Jackson (Co-Owner)

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Walk-Up & Private Sessions

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It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

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