TeleHealth Van

About TeleHealth Van

The TeleHealth Van service was created to bridge the digital divide within local communities.

The TeleHealth Van was created 3 years ago to bridge the digital divide in local communities, providing virtual mental health support through 5G-enabled vans. As the president of Rambo House, a 20-year community and PR firm, Dion Rambo was approached by clients managing contracts for mental health, probation, social services, and more to find a solution for hard-to-reach populations. The TeleHealth Van works with clients such as the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, US Committee of Refugees and Immigrants, Board Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Southern California Health and Rehabilitation, and more to provide accessible and affordable mental health support with licensed therapists.

Current challenges included:

• Growing number of low income and homeless families

• Very little 5G supported technology

• Lack of data for common cell phones

• Lack of electrical outlets for the growing homeless community

• At-home Privacy issues during their virtual meeting

The TeleHealth Van offers a convenient solution for connecting with clients or patients at any location and time, without relying on their own Wi-Fi or technology. It allows for private virtual meetings wherever they prefer.

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